"Well, hello there, kind Sir or Madam! I bid thee welcome to my lair."

"I am a dragon and my name is Drake. Yeah, I know it has a close resemblance to 'dragon', it's even a phrase for some form of dragon actually, but it's the name the Elders gave me on the day of my hatching, and I honor it as it comes from them."

"This is my lair. Alright, it's not really large or complex, just a few rooms and caves, I'm not actually living in it anymore either, but from time to time I return here to remember the things in my past. I'm the creative type, the craftsman, and so turned it into my storage place, my gallery if you like, or even some sort of archives, to conserve and display things I created and to document things I did in the past."

"You might consider this my 'hoard', but against common stories about us dragons hoarding massive amounts of treasures in our caves, we aren't really interested in richness and expensive treasures. Though I must admit, taking it 'literally' it fits surprisingly well on the other hand. Our most valued possession is knowledge. Artworks as a form of 'documentation of the cultural aspects of a time or civilization' also are of high value for us. From this point of view this place actually does hold quite some 'valuable' things and thus even in traditional thinking could actually be considered my 'hoard'."

"If you're interested in the story of my life, you can read it up from the chapters of 'Drake the Dragon'."

"To see what I created in the plane of Nirn (from The Elder Scrolls) head on over to my 'Oblivion Mods'."

"Now, my honored guest, you are heartily invited to wander around in these halls and browse through the things I did and published here. If you happen to have any further questions, always feel free to ask or leave me a message. It is an urge of my kind to share our knowledge with as many individuals as possible, so never hesitate to ask."

"...despite a set of razor-sharp teeth, I won't bite."